Trite Tuesday: What’s On My Studio Whiteboard Right Now

Tuesdays are one of my worst days. I teach approximately 152 private voice lessons (actual: 12) and also run an evening choir rehearsal, followed by what has been turing into a Late-Night Food Telethon, as of late: call in your order and ye shall receive! I do, however, have a standing Tuesday lunch date with one of my good voice teacher buddies, and we all know how food affects my soul. Usually our midday gorging is enough to want to put me out for the rest of the afternoon. New title for our favorite Indian food place: The Crap N’ Nap. Because that’s all you want to do after eating there. And yet, I forge on.

As a result, my Tuesday creative output, if it exists at all, is unequivocally trite. It is what it is.

Here’s a shot of my studio whiteboard right now:

I am a "techear" of music. Not of spelling. Unless it's chords.
I am a “techear” of music. Not of spelling. Unless it’s chords.

Mesees a future studio art project. Found Art: Musician’s Ruminations?

The story: In exchange for her soul, I gave my youngest piano student an entire 60 seconds with a dry erase marker and let her go to town. I am not even kidding when I say she wrote the first two lines. What kid does that? I would have gone for inappropriate caricatures.

I left her proclamation up and subsequent students elaborated. Except for the Clef-Trick images. I drew those because when my students fail to accurately name notes, I like to think they set in motion a crazy sort of Musician’s Butterfly Effect: use the incorrect bass clef acronym and a composer in China dies. Of cholera. You never know. So know your note names, friends.

A Trifling Trite Tuesday to you all, kind readers.





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