Throwback Thursday: Copout Edition

Disclaimer: this is not a real Throwback Thursday, at least not in the “show embarrassing tween prom photos of yourself and die a little inside” sense. I’m actually in the throes of warding off a disgusting head cold that has left me honking the contents of my sinuses into multiple piles of sad little tissues (or, as is recently the case, strips of toilet paper because I am a classy lady). But. I promised myself that I was going to try to blog every day until the end of the year, come hell or high water. And I do feel high on water right now, because I’ve drank about a gallon in the last hour.

So my copout edition is this: I’m throwing back to…the beginning of this week. 

LAME. I know.

Remember all those circly-sticky things that I had to put in three different places on about a bajillion mailings for the concert series? Yes. I finally finished those last night, amidst a nyquil-and-hot-toddy induced stupor.

Here are the after shots (the first of which I actually texted to the head of the concert series):

do what you love…love what you do…does not compute
do what you love…love what you do…does not compute
Dexter had fun
Dexter had fun


I promise next week I’ll have a good one for you. Teaser: it has to do with Yo-Yo Ma, the famous cellist.

Happy “Throwback Thursday.” I’ll do better when I don’t feel like I have 50 wet cotton balls shoved into my ear. :::Darth Vadar-esque sniffle:::



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