Think-less Thursday: My Lessons Disappeared – A Support Chat Transcript

Sometimes life slaps you in the face with a seemingly innocent problem. Something little and  inevitably technologically-related, yet crucial enough to tear your whole system to shreds. You go about attempting to solve said issue and quickly discover that the path you are traveling is dark and treacherous. You are lucky if it will take no less than an hour to journey to the magical Land-Of-Solved-Issues (where the wine flows freely). I’ve learned to recognize these moments and stop myself before I am compelled to fix all the things. 

Which is all fine and dandy until the problem causes a total functionality shutdown.

Yesterday, my entire lesson calendar disappeared for no apparent reason. I desperately wanted to believe that my life was suddenly, suspiciously devoid of work obligations. Did I somehow manage to forget that every one of my students canceled for the entire month of October? ::claps hands in anticipation:::: 

IT folks, you can quit your smirking. I did not delete my calendar, and I took a flying leap in the dark and figured turning it off and back on again would not apply in this case. I didn’t mess with any covert settings that could have mystically and without warning annihilated my entire life. I think THE CLOUD messed up because THE CLOUD is some inanimate, religious being hoarding my master’s thesis and all my ugly childhood photos.

Because I’m a one-day-at-a-time kind of teacher, I ended up completely clueless as to when or who I was supposed to teach that afternoon. Technology: 1. Robin: -45.

So I set about fixing my ical, which syncs from an online music studio management system,, where I schedule and invoice all my students and without which I would be a desiccated shell of a teacher (if you have even one private student, get your butt over there and use this).

I promise, I searched the FAQs, I really did! I swear, I even searched “musicteachershelper sync to ical,” among other things. Two college degrees (one of which may as well have been in googling) and I couldn’t figure it out. In these situations, five minutes is the most amount of time I will allow myself to spend on something of this nature before wanting to gouge my eyes out, so I figured I was toast.

Cue the stupidly-desperate online support chat: here is a screenshot of the actual transcript:

chat transcript

Sorry for wasting your time, Ivy. Settings. Clearly. Apparently, I am a THINKER. 

May your Thursday be filled with all the thinky-thoughts.

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