Teach is back

I’m not dead. But I am two weeks away from a creative showcase that’s been almost a year in the making. Some fellow composers, performers, and a playwright (and even I) have all created brand-new musical and dramatic material and we’re gonna do some proverbial stuff-strutting very soon. The throes of event assemblage are not always pretty, though. Here are things I’ve done recently in preparation:

  • Put in, at minimum, two hours of fake vagina-examining. *
  • I penned a musical theater song about a tyrannical school principal in no less than ninety minutes. It just came out of me like…poop. Like toxic, sarcastic, relief-ridden poop. How it possibly could have been that easy, I’ll never know… ::shrugs, smirks::
  • Recited no fewer than three spells a day to avoid catching this wretched ebola-flu-sickness that is circulating mid-Missouri. People close to me have had it. Considered walking around with a mask in public. I’m not there yet, though.
  • “Baptized” this suspiciously secular song and performed it in a church service. It’s all about what you make of it, right?
  • I got back into hooping because it’s pretty, my knees give me significantly less flack, and all that makes me feel 2% less like a blithering ogre.
  • I lost five pounds (see above). WERK.
  • Decided to attempt some professional theater auditions this season. WHAT.
  • Designed a personal webpage because we are all our own self-marketers and I’m a little vain.
  • Failed to login to this very site because simple captcha math confuses me. Leave me alone.

All this is to say I’ve been keeping busy and things are solid.

– Your Merry Maven




*I’m playing a gynecologist in a ten-minute play.

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