Studio Klingons

One of my singers is doing this piece from Oliver (except about 89 keys higher):

My student kept saying “I’ll hold on steadfastly.”

The words are “I’ll cling on steadfastly.”

She just wasn’t getting it. So I google-image-searched for one of these bad boys:


Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: You’re saying “hold on,” and it’s “cling on.” Just think of a klingon.
Her (innocent, unsullied): what’s a Klingon?
Me: to be honest, I only know what they look like and that it’s from one of the “star” shows. My husband is my polar opposite and I refuse to be dragged below the 4th layer of Nerd-Inferno. Battlestar Galactica is my limit, and that’s only because I wish I were Six and because the president’s relationship with Adama is one of the most beautiful things that has ever made me cry.
Me: let’s just google it.
Her: ::seeing image::: oh, yeah. I know what those are now. Isn’t there like a language or something, too?
Me: Let’s just say no.

She won’t be forgetting the lyrics now…

and if my husband finds this blog post, I’ll be signing divorce papers. The things I do for my students.



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