Deciphering Siri

Today, I was hanging out in the adjunct office right before teaching, having a nice little chat with a colleague of mine. Apparently, my iPad was recording me. Siri then interrupted our conversation to ask this question:

stop telling secrets, Siri.
stop lying, Siri.

No, Siri. I would not like to web search this because I’m pretty sure this is an extraterrestrial language. My friend and I just stared at each other while Siri rambled on, spilling all my secrets.

For the record, the word “farted” was not mentioned in the least bit (surprisingly), and I don’t even know what Herstle is (I do, though – it’s “rehearsal”). Is that like Hearst and Castle combined together? Like the Hearst Castle? Only Siri knows.


…then an hour later, I got a parking ticket.

There has to be balance, I suppose.


How was your Tuesday?

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