Real Words From a Student: A Lesson in Legato vs. Staccato

Here are REAL WORDS spoken by a pianist at the last lesson before Thanksgiving break:

:::ruminating on the difference between staccato and legato:::
Me: remember how legato is smooth like peanut butter? See, staccato is short and jumpy, kind of like popcorn.
Her: or chunky peanut butter because there’s chunks
Me: sure, you can think of it like that…
:::twenty-second experimentation period ensues:::
Me, transitioning: okay, let’s look at this new piece
:::she plays new piece staccato, even though it’s supposed to be legato:::
Me: tell me…are there dots for staccato, or slurs for legato?
:::she realizes:::
Her: I’m still stuck in chunk-land.

…aren’t we all…


Now here’s a little quiz for you:

These words were spoken by….
a) a ten-year old
b) an adult
d) a giraffe.


…C is the correct answer. It always is.


We all have trouble getting out of chunk-land, little lady. Especially during Thanksgiving….

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