Polly’s Pronouncements: A Few Student Funnies

Polly is one of my adult students. She’s more or less retired, and I love having her because she is perfectly content with working technique for an entire hour. She’s been with me going on two years now, and we have a certain…rapport. She is quite witty, almost matching me in the “say what you want whenever you feel like it” department. Here are some highlights from our recent affairs:

Me: the quarter note feels longer than it looks
Her: you’ll just to keep up with me, then. I don’t ask much.

Her, after I described an early-morning encounter with two lovemaking owls outside my bedroom window: “and what do they hear outside your bedroom window?”

Her (upon seeing the double bar was cut off from her copy, concerned): I’m very agitato without a double bar.

Her (While singing Where The Bee Sucks): This Bee Sucks.

Her (after describing how I was going to write about our interactions in my blog): when you start raking in the big bucks, I expect a year of free lessons.

Her (after I gave her a piece of music that hadn’t been hole-punched): if you would just learn how to hole-punch things, you would earn your keep.


Happy Wednesday, folks! May your student interactions be heartfelt and sassafras.

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