Facepalm Friday: Two “F’n” Stories (in 223 Words)

223 words? A new blog record! Barely a paragraph! Today’s is a short one because I’ve decided I want to catch a movie tonight, an occasion only celebrated a maximum of twice yearly in the Anderson household. The Theater: a nostalgic cinematic pastime? Or an excuse to have popcorn for dinner? That one. I’ve really saved up my calories for this, folks.

Here are two little slip-ups that happened in my studio this week, both of which made me giggle and possessed the common thread of the letter “F.” I’m actually twelve years old, as it turns out. Aren’t we all.

F Story No. 1: Coaching a high-school soprano on the piece “Lass from the Low Countree” (no I did not spell that wrong).
Me: Let’s start here. “If you.” Sing it. “If you.”
Her: ::awkward silence:::
Me: :::realizing I just basically told a sweet young girl to go eff herself:::

F Story No. 2: working with a singer on a piece in the Key of F.
Me: Name those notes for me.
Him: :::thinking hard about the FACE acronym::: This one’s F, and this one’s A.
Me: F and A.
:::silence, realizing I just said “effin’ A,” a G-rated version of a much more obscene phrase:::


Have a great weekend, everyone! May your cinematic adventures be forever accompanied by popcorn (sodium schmodium)…and your cursing occur intentionally…and with your knowledge.

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