Every Good Boy Does Fail: A Project Update

As of today, I’ve interviewed fifteen music makers. For posterity’s sake and to gather my bearings a bit, here are some updates:

  • My standard M.O: reach out to musicians, schedule interviews 1-2 weeks out, interview once a day or every other day, break for weekends to write and reflect, lather, rinse, repeat. Rely on bread and butter revenue to sustain my new project.
  • Things I need to do more:
    • Write shorter posts. I can’t help it. I try. I really do. I dare myself to keep a post at 750 words, but the story just starts spewing like a kindergartner’s explanation of how to make a sandwich and every part is important. Every tidbit is essential.
    • Reach out to musicians I don’t know. This is hard, but I think I just have to ask for help to move beyond the initial cold call.
    • Take sustained chunks of time to write about every encounter (like, more than two days, and closer to a week…in fact, this next go around, I’m aiming for a 1week:1week ratio of interviewing and writing).
  • Things I need to do less
    • Worry about style
    • Worry about voice (for some reason, I thought this was especially important, but maybe I just thought this because I’m a voice teacher…)
    • Try to be perfect
    • Try to flow (because unless it’s my menses or a keg, things shouldn’t flow just yet, amiright??!!)

That’s all, folks.

  • AMmaven

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