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Still she plays, still she sounds, still she sings.

Robin Anderson is eschewing her classical training one piano at a time. Her journey began in academia, where she trained in music education before evolving into stage performance, arts administration, theater and choral composition, and finally songwriting. Summer 2017 marked the release of Robin’s debut solo album, In All Degrees, a wordplay paying homage to her training and exploration of style and voice. A twelve-day midwest tour through Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin brought her music to listening rooms, small venues, and house concerts. For Anderson, the project was an exercise in honoring the road of a midwest, middle-class, A-student, quintessential DIY musician seeking belonging outside the classroom.

Robin’s diverse history as a musician with multiple hats has been a blessing and a curse, opting intentionally to draw from a varied toolbox of vocal colors and styles over a more overt sound. Her music addresses universal themes and complicated questions head-on while simultaneously imploring the listener to enjoy life and its offerings. Examining the existential and alongside the undeniably optimistic, her lyrics often imply double meanings, metaphoric undertones, and vibrant imagery, not unlike Tori Amos or Regina Spektor. Anchored by clean vocals and semi-traditional forms, Anderson delivers palatable pop-piano melodies and catchy instrumental hooks in the style of Ingrid Michaelson or Ben Folds. Her sound is finished with a deliberate rough-around-the-edges classical playing technique, a mechanism for addressing the creative chip on her shoulder placed there by her schooling.

She’s in and she’s here to stay.

Today, Robin operates full-speed on the academic clock, teaching independently during the spring and fall, breaking each winter to write and develop projects, and touring extensively in the summer. Her music is catered toward the minds of thinkers, dreamers, and creative hearts; seeking connection in the threads of common experience always has been her greatest joy, and will continue to serve as the ultimate musical motivator.

2017 has proven to be Anderson’s breakaway year; she constantly plans the next step, penciling the next song idea in an ever-growing list of inspirational anecdotes, searching for the next listener to question, the next student to teach, the next opportunity to unlearn what she knows and to bring her back to the beginning.