A Thanksgiving Lesson: Thinking Back

The universe is funny, whimsical maiden with a high-pitched giggle, I’d like to imagine. Like this wacky girl from Portlandia (which bears a striking resemblance to my hometown, in many ways)

I was just starting to get down about some things, or as I like to call it, taking a satisfying dip in the pool of self-pity, when this e-mail from a former student popped up in my inbox.

E-mail subject: Thinking Back

Its been a while sine we’ve spoken last, but I saw the review you did, and it reminded me of an e-mail I’ve been wanting to write for a while.
Even though quitting lessons was a good idea in regards to getting a job, I still really miss it. Singing with you and the other students was so much fun and I really leaned a lot in our time together. It has been kind of sad missing out on formal performance opportunities, but at the same time I sing to myself every day. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and say how much I respect and appreciate your work as a teacher.
Yours truly,
Student McStudentson (name changed to protect the innocent)

…then I felt like this:


magical weird thing
magical weird thing


Thanks for the outreach, universe. On Thanksgiving, no less. I have many things for which to be grateful.


::promptly exits pool of self-pity, dries self off with fluffy white towel:::

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