January Song

Tomorrow’s Another Day
It Winds Away
Life in the Middle
Back in Love
The End of Sunset Road
4/6 Life Crisis
Leave the Light On
In Peace
The Royal We
You Are
Mister Moon
To the Water
That Sun
The Piano


Songs on Teaching
A Theater Song Cycle (2015)
1. First Day of School (soprano)
2. Principal’s Perspective (baritone)
3. Fiancee’s Song / That’s Ok With Me (tenor)
4. The Ballad of Ricardo (mezzo / soprano / tenor trio)

Moving On: Two Songs on Loss
Cabaret solos for alto & piano (2015)
1. Try
2. To Be

Letters of Independence
A Cabaret Song Cycle (2016)

1. With This Paper (tenor)
2. In My Hands (mezzo-soprano)
3a. Dear Dad: I Need You To Kill (soprano)
3b. Dear Joe: I Go Places (soprano)
3c. Dear Mom: I Open Jars (soprano)

Cutting Loose
SATB choral setting of poetry by William Stafford
Commissioned by the Quorus, 2017