Songs on Teaching
A Theater Song Cycle (2015)
1. First Day of School (soprano)
2. Principal’s Perspective (baritone)
3. Fiancee’s Song / That’s Ok With Me (tenor)
4. The Ballad of Ricardo (mezzo / soprano / tenor trio)

Moving On: Two Songs on Loss
Cabaret solos for alto & piano (2015)
1. Try
2. To Be

Letters of Independence
A Cabaret Song Cycle (2016)

1. With This Paper (tenor)
2. In My Hands (mezzo-soprano)
3a. Dear Dad: I Need You To Kill (soprano)
3b. Dear Joe: I Go Places (soprano)
3c. Dear Mom: I Open Jars (soprano)

Cutting Loose
SATB choral setting of poetry by William Stafford
Commissioned by the Quorus, 2017

January Song

Tomorrow’s Another Day
It Winds Away
Life in the Middle
Back in Love
The End of Sunset Road
4/6 Life Crisis
Leave the Light On
In Peace
The Royal We
You Are
Mister Moon
To the Water
That Sun
The Piano