12 Christmas Songs Re-Named by Musicians: Blocking Around the Christmas Tree

It’s here! The twelve days of Christmas! We are now officially on the other side of summer, the season that trumps all seasons. The days will soon be getting longer, and all we have to do is get through the same six months that just passed before it’s back to BBQs and fun in the sun! (although, regrettably, the weather will get much worse before it gets better, which always makes the next several months seem ridiculously longer than the time that just passed…I’m trying to be a glass-half-full gal, OK?)

To celebrate, I’ve been having way too much fun with my dry-erase markers, and not even in a sneak-one-too-many-sniffs kind of way. I’ve been using them to animate an idea I had back in August when I started this blog, an idea that’s been festering on my google-doc-blog-list for three months (from the girl who can’t even make it home after fresh groceries without nibbling something).

For the next twelve days, I will provide for you twelve Christmas Songs that I have dutifully re-named to correspond with the trials and tribulations of music teachers, performers, and composers (annotations included).

Enjoy Day 1…

Blocking Around the Christmas Tree

don’t be mistaken: the angelic light flares are not manifestations of Jesus

If you’ve ever had to direct a musical, here’s a slightly critical representation of what actually happens during blocking rehearsals:

There’s these people….

This guy:

what's going on?
what’s going on?

the perpetual fear that a light will come crashing down on your head….

photo 3…strange gaps of space that usually get filled with props, bodies, choreography, or farts…

photo 1

Giant, bizarre sets…

that you cry over during strike...
that you cry over during strike…


and…oh, yeah. The director.

the truth hurts
the truth hurts


…that, if their head isn’t spinning off into another universe, is usually chirping commands such as these:



….that pretty much sums up Blocking Around the Christmas Tree.

photo 3
so much dry erase…::smiles dreamily::


What does your blocking involve?

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